Cristina Muccioli is an art critic and professor at Brera Academy.
She wrote an interesting review on Elisa Berardinelli artworks after visited her studio and her exhibition.
The attention has been caught immediately by the popular Madonna and Child of Guercino, that Elisa depicted.

The article starts with a focus on Guercino’s artwork in which the Mother is sadly and sweetly looking at her well fed Child, nourished especially with love, who is the personification of God.
There is a sort of presage, instead in his Jesus look that with awareness is staring at the eternal future.

The expressive and lively style of the 17th Century painter has been brought to life by the young artist Elisa Berardinelli who was able to evoke a classical narration just using pencil on paper technique.
From Muccioli’ s point of view the light and shade, all volumes, movements and draperies have been represented in an excellent way as she didn’t use any colour.
Elisa worked mainly memorising an image that it doesn’t even exist.

The second artwork considered by the art critic is the pencil portrait of Filippo, a young boy.
In this work Elisa was able to catch a typical look of a children amazed by little things.

The third and last artwork commented is an oil on canvas representing a musician playing the guitar.
All the elements painted as his closed eyes, his fingers picking up the strings to  play the chord and also the colours used, communicate a sort of imaginary melody.

The artist caught the musician’s world made of passion and characterised by the personal style of playing his instrument.

Elisa Berardinelli studies the technique of the most important artists. Thanks to her passion she masters a good knowledge of techniques and awareness of classical art tradition.

The pencil stroke defining her drawings emphasises the chiaroscuro and confers to the image a mythical atmosphere.
The brush strokes and the warm colours, instead settle fluid on her canvas.
Elisa Berardinelli paintings describe her deep and private dimension; her feelings are the main characters supported by romanticism and defined by poetry.

Vannessa Caprai