The paintings of jazz

Le Tele del Jazz was born in 2013 as a tribute to jazz celebrities such big as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis.

A jump in the past reflecting on present and jazz is both prelude and synthesis between people and their peculiar background.
Music is the main subject of canvas; it involves feelings but especially aims to be a meeting of cultures, an intimate speech between different worlds such the American and African one that magnificently colliding and blending together, create one of most captivating groove of 20th Century.

Communication throughout different kind of art expressions: the music itself is brought to life in artworks and the sound finds its space in a comunicative silence, typical of paintings.

The thick brush strokes and the vibrant colours sometimes settle on canvas with notes of melancholy, either powerfully blazing.

The graceful black and white music coming out of his fingers, defeats sadness and turns him into a flower.
Elisa Berardinelli, Michel Petruccian Portrait, Le tele del Jazz , 2013